Room Darkening Zebra Blind: Square Cassette Cordless |
Deluxe Room Darkening Zebra Shade - Cordless



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Classic Light Filtering Zebra Shade-Cordless
Classic Light Filtering Zebra Shade-Cordless
Deluxe Light Filtering Zebra Shade
Deluxe Light Filtering Zebra Shade
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Deluxe Room Darkening Zebra Shade - Cordless

This Zebra Blind features a cordless system which is safer for kids and pets, and it fully retracts into a 3” cassette cover.

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  • Choose Your Room
  • Mount
  • Bottom Bar
  • Cassette
  • Cassette Color
  • Chain or Motor Side
  • Cord Color

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Product Details


Room Darkening Zebra Blinds, also known as a double or dual sheer shade, is a go-to solution for convenience and modern style. By combining the intelligent design and light control of horizontal blinds and the stunning softness and look of shades, you’ll love the mix of textured and delicate sheer materials that provides long-lasting elegance for any home or office.

How does it work? A gorgeous sheet of fabric alternates a darkening and light-filtering material in a striped, attractive, and functional pattern. As the shade rotates, it creates a double layer of fabric to provide privacy or natural light as the shade is opened or closed. Of course, when fully raised, the shade is encased within a sturdy aluminum, cassette cover

Install Time: 15 Minutes


Rely on the OnlyBlinds Warranty, assuring that this product will endure and add value and beauty to your home.

Important Disclaimer:

When you order window coverings from OnlyBlinds, you will receive a product that is custom made using the specifications and requirements that you have provided. If your custom-made to order window covering WAS NOT manufactured to the size and specifications, you ordered, it will be replaced at no additional cost to you.

This excludes mismeasurements, improper installation, or dissatisfaction with purchase choice.

We cannot accept returns subject to exceptions in the event of a defect or damage if required and approved by OnlyBlinds.

Not Covered Under This Guarantee:

Any product ordered outside the recommended sizes or specifications as listed on the product page.

Mounting Requirements

  • Minimum Inside Mount Depth: 1 1/2"
  • Minimum Inside Mount Depth (fully recessed): 3"
  • Minimum Outside Mounting Surface: 2"


Choose Your Room Bathroom or Bedroom or Child Bedroom or Dining Room or Office or Kitchen or Living Room or Other
MEASUREMENTS 30x42 or 30x62 or 30x78 or 42x24 or 42x62 or 58x42 or 58x62 or 78x42 or 78x62
Mount Inside Mount or Outside Mount
Cassette Square Cassette or Rounded Cassette
Cassette Color White R or Gray R or Beige R or Bronze R or Black R
Chain or Motor Side Left or Right
Cord Color White or Beige or Gray or Bronze or Black or Metal Bead Chain
Bottom Bar Standar